Chairman's Report

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust Approve Revised Project and Costs
We have just received the brilliant news that the AFCFT have approved the amended application for works on our Club and will be releasing the first instalment to the Association in two weeks.
When the works are completed we will have an RAF Association Club second to none, will meet the future objectives of Clubs required by the Association, provide a good standard of catering and have a building in which we can enjoy all the social activities we have done in the past.
At this time, I would like us to thank all those of our members who have contributed to the application over the last 18 months. In particular Bob Stubbs and Chris Kelly for their exceptional expertise and the hours and hours they have been putting in to get us this far. Without them it would not be happening.
This is only the beginning. We must recognise that there is a lot of hard work to come. It is going to be a challenging job managing the project and we cannot sit back and think Chis and Bob can get on with the project without a lot of help and support from the rest of us. The best I can suggest at the moment is our complete cooperation.
For the re-opening, the mandatory Covid-19 risk assessment and audit have been undertaken. Plans for access, the required social distancing layout, use of the facilities, PPE equipment to protect you and the staff, etc., have all been completed.
I know that we all want the Club to open as soon as possible, and the members of the Branch and Club Committees are doing all they can to achieve this.
Before we re-open, we will be sending you detailed instructions on what you need to do to access the Club. Obviously, these will be based on what the Government’s requirements for being Covid-19 compliant at the time.
We need your help. If you are not a vulnerable person and are reasonably fit, you can make an incredible contribution to getting the Club up and running at the earliest practical date. For both the works and the re-opening, we need to form a working party to prepare. Furniture needs to be moved and pictures and memorabilia need to be taken down and stored out of harm’s way.
If you can help, please pass your contact details on to our Branch Secretary at :
Cliff Mewett
Branch Chairman
RAFA 381 Bognor Regis