Covid-19 Update

This is to let you know briefly what has been happening in Club and Branch 381 over the past few weeks.  Like you, we are all observing the current Government Guidelines and isolating as best we can.  We all agree, it is difficult but, hopefully, we shall soon see light at the end of the tunnel and be able to resume our social life once again.
At Club and Branch 381 the wheels are still turning, with additional guidance from the RAF Association HQ in Leicester.  David Hewings, the Branch Secretary is in close contact with them, and Ann Hewings the Club Treasurer/ Acting Secretary is maintaining contact with our Staff, Suppliers and Utilities, both are ensuring that the Branch and Club are ready to open again once these restrictions have been lifted.
 So, how are you managing?
Are you on your own or are you fortunate enough to have family or friends isolating with you?
Are you in touch with either family or friends?
Do you require additional help at this time or do you know another RAFA Member, unable to access emails, who may require some level of support?
There are a number of agencies which are now able to assist in many ways so, if you require additional help, just let us know and we may be able to guide you in the right direction.
Even if you just want to say hello – we would be delighted to receive your email/telephone call in the first instance:
Email:  Tel: 01243 583779 ( RAFA 381 Membership Secretary )
We know how lonely it can be during this time of restricted company, but Members are stepping up and offering their help, or devising ways in which our usual activities and fundraising can continue, usually using the ‘Virtual’ platforms which are becoming more widely known.
If you can offer any type of help to your Committees at this extraordinary time please contact us through the above email / phone number (please leave a message and contact details if we are unable to answer)
Be assured, once these guidelines are lifted, your Committees are working hard to ensure  381 is ready to open again, with all your old favourites including Saturday evening dances, and all the other activities you already know and love.
We plan to email further updates and additionally, to use our RAFA 381 Website, RAFA Branch 381 – Bognor Regis and Sussex Views Facebook Book pages.
With our very best wishes to you all, and stay safe!
RAF Association Bognor Regis Branch 381 Branch and Club Committees

RAF Odiham

18 and 27 Squadrons help in Coronavirus Crisis…

Our two Squadrons are very much involved in supporting the NHS during the current crisis.
Chinooks have been deployed to RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire, and will be working with the Army’s Wildcat helicopters.
In addition Chinooks have been deployed to RAF Benson as part of the COVID-19 Aviation Task Force.
We send them all our very best wishes for safe deployments…..